Social Software and Global Stuff Visualization

In the CS Monitor there is a great article on an artist that uses globes among other things to illustrate social concepts.

IngogunthertvownershipArtist gives data a global dimension

Frustrated by what he sees as the news media’s sensationalist perspectives and art’s sometimes idealistic and impractical approach to effecting social change, Mr. Günther was prompted to devise an innovative medium to remedy his disenchantment.

The result is "World Processor," a series of custom-made acrylic globes with individually manipulated surfaces that convey a diverse range of information and data in a colorful way. The project combines elements of journalism and art to provide a thought-provoking perspective on global issues ranging from nuclear testing sites to international trade.


The rest of Ingo Gunther’s work is equally compelling and worth checking out.

Check out Ingo’s web site at:

All images are Ingo’s with full credit.