“We Suck” vs “We Suck! We Suck!”

Who gets to say we suck. Or we suck twice as bad. That is the question.

1) You get to say it if you have little risk of "we suck exposure" (WSE)

  1. web companies delivering software as a service
  2. software companies with EULAs that indemnify them against…well.. everything.
  3. companies low subscription rates or ad supported model
  4. companies selling low dollar stuff
  5. companies that don’t make a big juicy target for class action lawsuits
  6. people below the radar to the point that nobody listens anyway
  7. people with really good errors and omissions coverage
  8. small businesses
  9. anyone with a CEO about to retire
  10. Apple (at least after the protests start)
  11. … and plenty of others that generally fly below the big guns

People who do NOT get to say we suck, or those with high WSE (danger!)

  1. big companies
  2. anyone with deep pockets

The biggest challenge with We Suck is that IT IS GOOD PR! Americans love a stand up guy who apologizes. Although it is usually a past tense as in "I previously sucked but have changed my ways." Martha Stewart vs Ken Lay. It is the low WSE companies that go against good PR tractics and do not admit wrongdoing and liability because of exposure.

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