Walmart – Crisis Communications

WalmarthighcostoflowpriceOn the state of public relations and crisis communications.  Michael Moore is going after Wal-Mart, and perhaps someone really needs to to reduce the poverty level employees dependence on tax dollars for indirect health care subsidies.  What is interesting about this from a PR perspective is the War Room Wal-Mart has set up to handle crisis communications.

I’d love to know the RSS feeds they are watching along with a copy of their Google Alerts.  Now THAT would be interesting.  Plus a story like this is nothing but post-bait for a site like BoingBoing.  Hmmm.

I guess we will have to wait, but at some point I’d love to see a write up about the configuration of the room, the decisions that led up to the crisis communication team members, and the response methodology from a public relations perspective.