Aesthetic Digital Picture Frame for Visualization

Walking from Sharper Image to zGallerie at the mall made me connect the Phillips Digital Picture frame with a large white frame with a small 8×5 phto area at zGallerie. Given visualization is one of our focus points this year, it quickly turned into a project to combine the two elements into a Primal Brand story.

This was a quick project, no plans, just sawdust and scraps from the get-go. Pretty much what happens when a geek has tools.

The end result is pictured at left. Of course the photos rotate. The active photo of the word "ELVIS" was taken at the Elvis car museum in Memphis last year.

The build process is illustrated in pictures as follows. I would like to issue a disclaimer on the drill visible in some of the photos. It is NOT my primarly drill. Like all good geeks I have a Dewalt professional.Zgalleriepictureframe40bucks But of course I leave it at work, so what you see is my antique hand me down Black and Decker with the old-world drill bit chuck. The death of an american brand….

The main point is onward to the project pictures!

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