Squidoo and SEO Spam- please no

From this long tail post on Seth’s blog, it looks like SEO black hat bait to post lenses on squidoo. Please tell me it isn’t so? I have some friends headed to SES San Jose so I’ll post what I learn when they get back. Sigh.

For the non-serious geeks, squidoo lets people build a list of sites to be searched as a group, by topic. So you can add 10 sites related to ferrets and search like google, but only within your select sites. And of course you can share it. Seth’s blog post is pointing out that the lens itself is scoring well in other search engines, which creates an incentive for folks to cheat in the search engines using custom lenses. Just something to watch out for as I am sure google is already doing.

Perhaps there is a strategy application for this within public relations for the enlightened? But that is another post.