Eddie Bauer Branding Challenge of Seasonal Stores

Eddiebauer_1NYT is running an article about Eddie Bauer opening a seasonal store in NYC.  The pitch is interesting – it would have been fun to see that email!  Here is an excerpt from the article which I am not sure is otherwise newsworthy.

A Place Where Down is Up

A campaign for a leading apparel chain suggests that it may not be too much longer before retailers can borrow an old slogan from Kleenex tissues and boast about how their stores "pop up one at a time."

The catch here is that I can’t think of this as anything other than a one-off.  The Eddie Bauer ad campaign is faced with some unique challenges; drive traffic to a temporary store while working with a brand mostly known for mail order catalogs.  So this isn’t so much a branding effort as a promotion or event, and it sounds like they are approaching it as such.  And again, getting the NYT to run an article about your ad campaign for a temporary store is impressive in itself.  Maybe the rest of advertising is boring these days, although I still like the zombies assembling Ford Explorers.

Spirithalloween The best seasonal traveling minstrel brand I could think of that relates to temporary stores is the Spirit Halloween stores.  They appear every year in and we hunt down the location.  It really is a desperate-costume-seeker meets whack-a-mole contest where they draw you in through extensive billboards advertising and in mall advertising (if in the mall that year, last year was an out of business Toys-R-Us!).