systemd – I’ll deal with it like I deal with Pepsi in the North East

OPINION: The topic is init scripts. The part of a computer that determines what starts first and next and next etc. Most of my readers, and I thank you both, will want to close this tab in your browser and come back on a non-geeky day.

System Init. – Do you need your keyboard before your monitor? Nah, we’ll bring up the monitor before the keyboard.. And yet we have bigger issues like when to initialize the CPU, RAM, HDs, USVs peripherals, etc.

So I was udating my automatic services in Windows… oh wait, no it was in Linux on 14.04.3 and everything kept telling me the same thing.

zOMG why are you using upstart when systemd is the bright-new-shiny!?!?

I know I’ll have to give in but this thing smells like something between SELLinux and WindowsNT’s implementation of POSIX.