those who remain determined “mouse-avores“ starve

“IV. At the same time, living systems adapt themselves to changes in their environment they learn, grow, develop, evolve. When the mouse population in a region suddenly declines because of an epidemic, the predators who adapt to a new prey survive; those who remain determined snake bit“mouse-avores“ starve. Life events affect us and change us, and we can see these changes reflected in the nevertheless familiar faces of our friends. The ability of living systems to adapt and self-organize allows them to defy the second law of thermodynamics, which insists that everything runs down and returns to a state of disorganization and homogeneity. Not so for living systems! They continuously reorganize themselves into ever more complex patterns and interrelationships.”

Molly Young Brown, Patterns, Flows and Interrelationships

best scientific papers – great source for ideas

Looking for a new business idea? Try feeding your brain with this list of the best technical papers of the last few years. Via slashdot.

imjustatomato writes  “Top computer science conferences typically have an award given to the best paper submitted to that conference.  This web page compiles the best paper awards for 16 conferences since 1996, in artificial intelligence, HCI, databases, information retrieval, and theory. Link to Original Source

The Long Now – a 10k year clock

From a friend at SolarTurbines, I too find this clock strangely appealing.  Excerpt:

ClockstandSOMETIMES, WHEN THINGS GET SUFFICIENTLY WEIRD, SUBTLETY NO longer works, so i’ll be blunt:  The gleaming device I am staring at in the corner of a machine shop in San Rafael, California, is the most audacious machine ever built. It is a clock, but it is designed to do something no clock has ever been conceived to do””run with perfect accuracy for 10,000 years.