RSS to text (SMS) notifications on your cell phone

So you are an overworked public relations pro, programmer, dog walker, whatever. You need to know the latest NOW! You can do that if you have a cell phone.

From this article by  in mobileactive, by using a combination of RSS feeds and a service that sends a text message to your phone when things change. In geek parlance this is an RSS to SMS service like zaptxt. Zaptxt screenshot top right.

To surfers it means to take the current wave height and text me when I need to load up the van and head down to the surf. And RSS is not just human written data looking at the interesting new non-human sources of rss feeds coming online.

To Tendenci clients (disclaimerTendenci is our association software) it means you can filter the RSS feed of upcoming events looking for just your specific interests. Filter the PRSA Richmond RSS feed for the words "crisis communication" through the zaptxt zaptask interface. You would literally be the first to know of any related development through your cell phone with a brief text message.

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