AOL Netscape Culture Jamming by Alpha Geeks

At my presentation today at PRSA OKC one of the questions was, and I am paraphrasing here, "why do I care what the geeks are doing?" The session was on blogs and PR. The three main points of my talk were:

  1. Humans in the machine.
  2. Join the Conversation
  3. Yes-AND

Humans in the machine – spoken by many speakers at ETECH over the last few years. This means that what is interesting is the humans. Not the computers. The computers are just aggregating content from the humans. And content doesn’t just mean something you wrote. Viewing something, voting for something is content when gathered together and acted upon. Think tagging. If you use the Internet you are adding content.

Join the conversation – if you don’t take a seat at the table, when you ARE interested in what they are saying you won’t have any credibility. Join the conversation now. It is fun. And then if you need to respond you have a voice. Lose the speaking points and point to people who are saying something you agree with. Point more. Link love is good.

YES-AND – use the rules of improv comedy. Don’t try to fight what people are saying. Yes-AND blah in your response. Be positive but do tell us what you are thinking. "Yes I realize you hated that post, and I can see your point. It was intended to …." and go from there. Yes AND – like improv comedy.

The screen shot at the top right illustrates my point. That is the new Netscape beta page. The geeks voted up two articles of the top three that are critical of AOL. That is influence and people talk about it. Join the conversation.