Ferdinand Marcos Public Relations Documents from Len Saffir

By email from Len Saffir, probably as a follow up to my previous post on authority of bloggers, I was pointed to this ebay auction. It contains purblic relations documents between Len Saffir and Ferdinand E. Marcos during Marcos’ rise to power in the Philippines.  You can read several of the PR documents in the auction.

The letter at left includes some interesting text from Ferdinand Marcos to Len Saffir making a horse trade for political public relations help in the US for a tobacco account to Len’s PR firm. Wasn’t Bernay’s already railing against PR work with Tobacco by the 60s?

From the letter:

"You caught me in the middle of a personal crisis as my position as president of the Senate, and of the party is being threatened by my political enemies.

I will also send the contract to McGraw Hill and the particulars of the tobacco account to you by separate folder. It was my understanding that getting an account for you like this would suffice to cover all expenses incurred by you with respect to the book and other public relations matters. And of course I want our relationship to continue.

I did some digging for the book being discussed. The letter is dated May 29, 1963. The oldest book I can find by the lovely Mr. Marcos is "Notes on the New Society of the Philippines" from 1974, already into his second term per the Wikipedia article on Ferdinand Marcos. So I am not sure which exact book is being discussed. Len – how about adding a copy of the book to the auction?

And somehow mentally typing this post makes me think of Charlie Wilson’s War.