PRSA T3PR Presentation from NYC

I was honored to be one of the presenters at T3PR this last Friday in NYC thanks to Deirdre Breakenridge. Kind words for T3PR posted by Chris Kieff who calls it the “highlight of NYC Internet Week” on 1GoodReason

Best day spent at a conference: The surprising winner for me was  T3PR, the Public Relations Society of America’s Theory, Tactics and Technology group.    Why was T3PR surprising?    I guess I was just expecting the PR group to be a bunch of flacks- but they were far from it.    The reason this show was so good for me was because I learned so much from the likes of;  Justin Levy,Christine Perkett,  Sarah Evans and  Ed Schipul.    They are each brilliant speakers who took the time to prepare for their presentations and cared about deliveringROI to the audience.    A special thanks to  Deirdre Breakenridge for inviting me to the show.    Check out the twitter stream  posted here.

And a follow up article by Valerie Simon on From Ms. Simon’s article:

The live event in New York City offered opportunities for participants to participate in engaging sessions and network with both speakers and other participants, however the conference’s reach extended well beyond those in the room. A pre-conference  “tweet chat“ served as a virtual pep rally and following the conference many sessions were posted and discussed, including:

My presentation on  the Personal Brand Era is below:

You can view photos from T3PR are on Facebook here, and reuse CC licensed versions of the photos in my  T3PR Picasa Web Album. All are Creative Commons Attribution (a simple “photo by Ed Schipul” is all that is required for use in print or on the web). A few that I liked and posted to Flickr from the NYC trip are below.

Guggenheim Museum in New York
The Guggenheim

Washington Square Park at Night
Washington Square Park at Night

PRSA Georgia Conference Presentation: The Personal Brand Era

Last week in Atlanta I had the privilege of speaking to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Georgia’s Annual Conference. My topic was The Personal Brand Era.

As Gary Vaynerchuk puts it, “we’re going through a gold rush of branding.  If you get talked about enough in all these social webs/blogs, you can build a brand.”  If the people working for you have a strong presence in social media, so will your company.  This means happier employees and a more profitable business.

My slide deck on the personal brand era is below:

PR on Blogs – What are they saying and how should I respond?

Pr_on_blogs_panelTwo days of total public relations immersion (yes I will join PRSA…).  My panel is Engine Overhaul – New Technologies Open the Door for New PR Opportunities at 9:00 AM.

To prepare I have been asking folks "what do you want to see covered?"  In a conversation with Danielle Ezell, APR of 20 Hats PR in OKC, she said it boiled down to two questions:

  1. What are they saying about a subject?
  2. How should we respond?

A bit more concise than my planned presentation.  Yet a direct answer is possible.

  1. Use Technorati to search a subject.  Example search for Radio Shack.:
    another option is to set up google alerts for the same terms.  Or do both.
  2. How to respond?  Join in the conversation.  Don’t talk down.  Respect first and be genuine.  Read naked convesations for a good introduction or go straight to cluetrain for the psychology.

There.  Now I can skip my panel and keep drinking coffee.  Or not.

update: added the photo.  The PPT slides should be posted on shortly.

update2: My PPT slides on New Tech and PR on our site as well. 

Upcoming PRSA SWDC New Technologies Panel

More upcoming public speaking stuff on Public Relations and Technology.  I have been asked to join a panel with the PRSA Southwest District Conference Friday, March 3 from 9:00 am – 10:15 am.  The session I am on is:

“Trends in Public Relations Technology: Harnessing the Chaos to Encourage Collaboration and Engagement“

Scott Baradell
President, Idea Grove and his blog Media Orchard
Richardson, TX
"How to Integrate Blogs into Your Communications Program without Scaring the CEO"

Jennifer Peper
Vice President,, Inc.
Little Rock, AR
"Effective Techniques for Maximizing Public Relations through the Web"

Ed Schipul
CEO, Schipul – The Web Marketing Company (me!) and this blog
Houston, TX
"Trends in Public Relations Technology: Harnessing the Chaos to Encourage Collaboration and Engagement"

PRSA Memphis Site Launch October 2005!

Prsamemphis I finally got to visit Memphis for the launch of the new Tendenci organization based web site for the Public Relations Society of America Memphis chapter.  The PRSA Memphis web committee did a great job of launching the site on a tight timeline. 

Shout out to Kim Lange on our team for driving this project.  Definitely in the category of "easier said than done" – not that guiding PR professionals is like herding cats, but there are easier tasks in the world.