Marketing is More than Flipping Over Backwards

Frisbee Dog
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I love this picture from the AKC World Series in Houston last weekend. This dog was amazing. Mainly in the relationship between the dog and the trainer. And yet this post is not about dogs.

Specifically I’d like to give props to HorsePigCow for two huge posts recently on marketing. Given I am working on internal training on persuasion architecture they both resonated with me.

The first marketing post is on Nash’s theory. The visual on the site is amazing – cleavage is compelling for everyone after all – but the money quote for me is:

… the brunettes represent the niche markets – the under-served,
underrepresented sectors that may not be as ‘big’ but have needs, too.

every client and company I’ve ever worked with has ached to reach the
“blonde”, but I continue to advise them to pay attention to the
brunette (and redhead and all the other variations of hair colour). The long tail is chunky and has more possibilities than anyone can imagine.

If that seems out of context please read the original post   with visuals.

The second Tara post to highlight was more recent.

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