Pink for President – This isn’t about PR

PinkstupidgirlspresidentThis isn’t about PR unless you count word-of-mouth marketing as public relations.  My daughter recently stacked a bunch of "reject" CDs from the 90s.  Being the culturally curious person that I am I picked up the entire stack and put them in my car (OK, minivan, whatever) for "testing" (ahem).

Based on my scientific research I can tell you that the Backstreet Boys are better than N’Sync and that Pink is under rated.  Yes, that Pink.  Listen to This is My Vietnam a few times and you will see what I mean.  So previously I had Pink mentally grouped with Madonna, Brittney and Christina based on the pop-singles I heard.  Now she seems more like a pissed off white version of Tracy Chapman – and that is a good thing.