pursuing degrees in photography

Such aspirations are founded upon a disingenuous idea – that photography is democratic, and therefore everyone has a fighting, almost entrepreneurial chance to be a leading light in this ‘democratic medium’ – when in fact both these aspirations and the art market are not democratic whatsoever, but are about being the one lifted from the many.

Charlotte Cotton

strange day on the interwebs for schipul crew

The most exciting thing for the schipul crew today, besides being able to serve our clients who are the reason we exist, was definitely the Monster cover DrupalRap. Created by ahughes3, dstagg and bpotter in conjunction with a conspiracy to reduce productivity for the entire company last week, I think they did an awesome job. Check it here:

“Monster (Drupal Remix feat. A.Hughes and D.Stagg)” from Schipul – The Web Marketing Co. on Vimeo.

In other random news, one of my photos was used on Techcrunch and hit the twitters in volume. And the folks at redit got in a debate about a centaur that increased my flickr views by a few thousand for the day.

What can we take away from all of this? That the interwebs are a very strange place. And that video and photography are critically important skills for marketers to learn. Seriously.