block wordpress page comment spammers

Over the last week the linkback spammers of the universe have started targeting pages on this blog as well as a few friends blogs. So, here is how to stop comment spam on wordpress blog pages.

The issue – many themes don’t have an option to turn off comments on the edit page for “pages” in wordpress. But, using “quick edit” you can turn off comments for a given page. Thus to disable comments on pages you need to:

  1. Log into the admin interface
  2. Select “Pages” from the left hand menu
  3. Hover over the pages shown and select “Quick Edit”
  4. Clear the checkbox on the right hand side the says “Allow Comments” for each page on your site.
  5. Click “Update” to save your changes.

I suppose this is a bigger issue for people using WordPress “Pages” as their CMS rather than as a traditional blog. As for this blog, it required editing just a few pages to turn comments off. Hassle gone.

#goodLuck! #fightTheCommentSpammers