GM to use OnStar for Social Software Integration – still pending

GmonstaremailI previously posted on General Motors and how I think they should use some of the OnStar data in a social software capacity.  Yes we can GET data, the question is can the group of humans share that data in a meaningful way.  The good news is per the advertisement to the left GM is now offering to email a summary of your data.  This is smart and good for the brand.

Specifically what I would like to see added from a social software data perspective is:

  1. Let people indicate if they want to share their mileage data
  2. For the people who specifically choose to share their data, open it up to the world so it looks something like this tag view from Technorati, except ranked by mileage.   (note the highest rank is at the top – then ask why)
  3. Consider opening the OnStar up as a licensed service to other manufacturers.  Go honestly toe-to-toe on improving gas mileageProgressive does this with insurance telling you even if they are NOT the lowest cost, which makes me think all sorts of warm-fuzzies about the Progressive brand.

GM use Onstar to tell us about our mileage and driving?

I don’t drive a GM.  But of course I see the commercials and news stories about OnStar.  Typically they read like this:

…arrested Friday evening after police located the dead woman’s missing car through its OnStar electronic tracking system… (snip)

HummerSo if you are really in a bad spot, or are dead, OnStar is awesome.  Your personal electronic tracking system.

Why can’t GM turn this into a bigger net positive?  I want a monthly email or personal rss feed with my mileage and vehicle performance.  Maybe allow me to allow them to choose to share the data about my imaginary hummer with the public like flickr does with photos.  We all know that mileage for cars as advertised is wildly off, so why doesn’t GM or another manufacturer be the first to be HONEST and start posting real live data?

Maybe a "monthly best driver" award for people who get the best gas mileage above the rating, and again this is only for people who specifically choose to sign up.  But if OnStar is IN the car, surely it can tell the mileage and report back on starts and stops to determine city/highway and then the actual mileage.  The data is nothing new, but make it a social promotion.  GM should become leaders at encouraging people to get good gas mileage and tout the success stories through this competitive advantage.

It might even help GM become knows as an environmentally friendly company (or not, just saying…)

Another by-product would be there are those people out there who would hack their GM cars to get better gas mileage so then they can have two categories.  Gas mileage for factory and gas mileage for custom eco-hacks of GM cars.  What great PR this would be for them.  People might even take their car in for service complaining of bad gas mileage helping GM improve further.

Just a thought on a rainy day.