“60-something years to transform to a more optimistic state of mind”

Kenan Branan
Kenan Branan
Kenan Branan

I was drilled for surviving nuclear apocalypse as a “duck-and-cover“ teenager, believing that the world might end before I reached adulthood. But I suspect my personal perspective was the biggest factor: I didn’t like the world the way it was and wanted to “figure out“ how I could make it better. I was hurting and scared. Survival instinct pure and simple!

It’s taken me 60-something years to transform to a more optimistic state of mind, actually a passionate state of mind. Maybe through the wisdom of my varied experiences and learning, I have not only figured out what a better world can be, but more significantly, through the media of the Web, I have discovered “signs“ of a large community of likeminded people. For the first time in my life, I can justify hope and faith in the future of humanity.

–  Kenan Doyle Branam  (source)


“In retrospect, I have always had the temperment of an artist, looking at the world with curiosity and sensitivity””sometimes, so much that the beauty of nature overwhelms me.

Like Pecos Bill, I was raised by a pack of dogs. I thought I was one… until they started to chase, kill, and eat squirrels. I guess I will always be a pacifist. I still love running in the woods.”

–  Kenan Doyle Branam

OnlyInHouston Blog is Online Promoting Creativity in Houston

As a company we have been involved with the OnlyInHouston initiative with the Houston Advertising Federation (also a Tendenci non profit client) for some time now.  Lou Congelio and Ann Iverson really have things picking up speed with the relaunch of the site and a new layout!

Here are some visuals on progress of the site recently.  The charts are simple, and are coming directly out of LiveStats by Deepmetrix with a little bit of cropping.  The first one is visits over time for the last three months.

OiH has a new blog.  And we are also in need of people to post with the flickr tag "oih" which pretty much looks unused at the moment.

And last but not least, here is another visual of the traffic over the last three months.  Hopefully the billboards going up around Houston and the inserts in Time Magazine will help increase traffic and help the creative community in Houston!