Kenan Doyle Branam services Saturday


Services for Kenan are this Saturday, the 28th of April, 2012.

A message that was sent out to the Houston Netsquared Meetup Group tonight in memory of our  friend and colleague Kenan Doyle Branam. He was a  debater, optimist, producer, geek, well read, researched, and all around renaissance man. We will miss you Kenan. Even if you challenged us constantly with debates and thoughts Kenan, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. A tip of the hat to you. You will be missed.

April 26, 2012


Sad news….

If you have attended Net2Houston over the last six years, then you know Kenan.  His meetup profile says Kenan attended 28 meetings with us, although I think it may have been even more

Kenan Doyle Branam was a Netsquared regular who always asked challenging questions from the heart. An optimist, he always found the positive, which was impressive given his posts frequently talked about his growth from being a skeptic to an optimist over time. What a beautiful transition.

I’m sad to say that Kenan passed away unexpectedly last week and his services are this weekend. The official notice is below. If you can attend i know Kenan would be honored as would his family. The official version follows. And I know the family would appreciate help with the costs of the funeral. Please consider the part at the bottom about the fund at Amegy in lieu of flowers, but your presence on Saturday would be a huge tribute as well.




The Houston Advertising, Media and Production Community lost one of its own in the sudden  passing of  Kenan  Doyle Branam on Saturday April 14, 2012.   Services will be this Saturday April 28th 2012 here in Houston.

Beginning his long career in media,  Kenan  worked as a cameraman in the local broadcast television station in Tyler. In addition to this his media experiences later included advertising agency client service, corporate communications, point of sale training, and even documentary and music video work.  

Kenan  was President of Paradigm Communications, Inc. for 25 years, and most recently worked as a Media Consultant supporting people to show up, be heard, look and feel good about their web presence.  Throughout his long career he was a careful watcher and analyzer of media. He was, in his own words “a philosopher, then an artist, then a media evangelist“

A great number of local organizations were fortunate to have  Kenan  initiate lively and thought provoking conversations while bringing his gifts of philosophy, kindness, laughter and an artistic sensibility to their gatherings.

A Life Celebration for  Kenan  will be held

Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 3:00 PMTotal Video at Houston Studios
707 Walnut, Houston TX 77002.

In lieu of flowers, donations in  Kenan’s memory can be made (and would really help his family at this time) at any

Amegy Bank for the  Memorial Fund for  Kenan  Doyle Branam.

NetSquared San Francisco Trip

Sfnetsquaredfeb2006_2Walked into the NetSquared meeting in San Francisco with Katie (I work with Katie) last Wednesday and two of the first people we met were Marnie Webb and Billy Bickett of Compumentor.  This after being greeted by Britt Bravo and several interesting conversations with Rachel Weidinger. Great first impression of NetSquared

It is very unusual for me to talk about social factors and technology together and not have people immediately glaze over (I guess I am just that exciting).  And here we have 50 plus people actually INTERESTED in the technology and organizations!  The west coast really is weird. <grin>

The one funny part was everyone kept asking "you flew all the way out here for this?!?" (the answer is YES)

The first Netsquared presentor was Mena Trott of Six Apart.  Mena made some interesting points on the state of social software from experiences at Six Apart.  The progression from Publishing to Communication to Community in particular I liked.

Edmenasethkatie_1Another interesting point from Mena is the observation that the average person on LiveJournal has six (6) friends (see "The Magic Number is 6 by Marnie).  I find six people to a group surprising.  Much of our focus on distributed authoring is based on the theoretical limit of 150 close friends.  Dunbar’s Number is explained on wikipedia as:

In a 1993 article, Dunbar used the correlation observed for non-human primates to predict a social group size for humans. Using a regression equation on data for 36 primate genera, Dunbar predicted a human "mean group size" of 147.8 (casually represented as 150), a result he considered exploratory due to the large error measure (a 95% confidence interval of 100 to 230).

Very interesting…. so much for the monkeysphere.  OK, I’m still not sold that 150 isn’t relevant, but the number 6 as the number of friends in a group is very interesting and worthy of much thought.

Seth Mazow of Interplast talked about the challenges of starting the Interplast blog.  From organizational limitations (no marketing budget!) to communication challenges and ease of use (reverse chronological vs chronological).  Hopefully someone recorded his comments. 

You can’t look at the images on the Interplast blog and not feel for those folks.  Hopefully I will find a way to help through link love from our medical web design clients.

Netsquared2Back to NetSquared.  There are a ton of organizations on the web trying to help non-profit organizations.  From software companies focusing just on donation software or big software companies offering academic and non-profit pricing.  Yet I know Tendenci with our realistic non-profit pricing is relevant and different.  We do not offer it for free.  We can’t until Dell donates all of their servers and all of our employees start working for free.  Nor does Compumentor pay their 100 plus employees with just good wishes.  So the NetSquared group strikes me as pragmatic folk, but realistic.  I like that. 

So after talking to Gina Cardazone I took the plunge and started the Houston Netsquared Meetup GroupNow to get some help!  Gina – if you are reading this expect a phone call on Monday!

NetSquared Meetup in San Francisco with Mena Trott and Seth Mazow

NetsquaredHeaded to San Francisco for the NetSquared Meetup tomorrow evening with Mena Trott of Typepad and Seth Mazow of Interplast blogs.

From the Netsquared site:

Today, we recognize a turning point in nonprofit technology adoption. Through the immense possibilities of the Internet, nonprofits can turn hundreds of supporters into thousands, access new reserves of volunteerism, and give their constituencies tools to take charge of change.

This site is the online home of our effort to highlight projects around the world that succeed at the intersection of pervasive access, new tools, and new audiences. (more)

OK, so it reads a bit fluffy and Web 2.0 ish, but given the number of non-profit organizations and associations who use Tendenci (our software), the NetSquared group is definitely something I am interested in learning from.  Hopefully I will encounter a group of like minded people, although perhaps a bit less obsessed with visualization and PR.