Images for advertising for mapping services

TargettargetmapFrom BoingBoing, a Target store has painted a giant red target logo on their roof for the mapping service satellites to display when they take overheads. 

To a bomber of course this looks like a giant target, but that is a different conversation.  I am sure Target’s pay rates are such that the employees don’t mind literally having a target painted over their heads.

We proposed previously a similar geographical advertising concept for the A9 block-by-block photo mapping service.

A9 Block by Block Photos – Maybe Storefront Advertising IS the “in thing”

A9blockbyblockviewScobelizer points out that A9 has block by block photos on their A9 mapping service.  Several large cities are already done, including Houston.  But surely the photos will be updated and this brings up an interesting cheesy marketing opportunity.  What exact DATE AND TIME are the photos taken in your city?

If you know WHEN they are going to take the photos, isn’t that the day to be sure your signs are lit up so they show up in the photo for permanent street level marketing?  Or to have a performance artists in front of your theater?  The photos I saw don’t seem to care about image.  Yes Houston is always under construction but even given that I don’t think we got a fair shake based on the construction in our downtown snapshot-in-time.

What about laser and/or infrared signs that blare in photographs but get past the city’s sign ordinances being invisible to the naked eye?  Perhaps draw an image on the road with lasers that only shows up in photos?  Tell me Red Bull wouldn’t jump on the opportunity?

As always, timing is everything.  I look forward to geospacial signage soon.