Linda Stone Highlights from Etech 2006 in San Diego

These are my five favorite quotes from Linda Stone’s talk at eTech 2006.  These are small snippets from the O’Reilly Radar Post.

Continuous partial attention is neither good nor bad, it just is.

The sweet spot of opportunity for us is the meeting of human desire and technology advance.

Connect, connect, connect has brought us to a place where we feel overwhelmed, over-stimulated and unfulfilled.

Wikis are better for brainstorming. I.M. is better for making a plan. Telephones and IM may be better for crisis management.

The new mantra, the new differentiator, the new opportunity for all of us is: improves quality of life. Does this product, service, feature, message — enhance and improve our quality of life?

Etech continues to offer mind bending quality speakers who speak clearly.  Not easily done.  Thanks O’Reilly!