Len Saffir Comments on Bloggers as Authoritative

I wanted to get an offline PR opinion on Robert’s conversation on public relations and bloggers and authority here. At least a "non blogger" opinion in relation to my post on authoritative bloggers.

So I sent a quick email to Leonard Saffir, the author of Power Public Relations.

Q) Are bloggers an authoritative voice for the company?

Blogging is simply a new public relations tool and should be considered in the mix of getting a message out.

In some cases, a press release may be in order to respond.  A company can also correct a blog without referring to it by posting a position paper on its Web site.

As I mentioned in my previous post I think the response from bloggers is more than enough for most situations. Particularly if the original article doesn’t pass the "plausible" test. Why fire up legal if the allegations are from a nut?

From the posts I think, I didn’t take a vote or anything, but I gather and am of the opinion that the majority of people in the blogosphere believe the current blogged response is enough. So we have concensus yet still have the echo-chamber danger. So it was nice to see Len’s response which appears to side with "enough of a response".

Len being the consumate PR man that he is sent this bio sentence mentioning his upcoming book which I am looking forward to.

Leonard Saffir is a former executive vice president of Porter Novelli.  He is the author of Power Public Relations: How to Master the New PR.  His 3rd book on public relations will be published later this year.