Gunning Fog and Oklahoma Public Relations

Inspired by Media Orchard’s post on readability, I have been talking to numerous folks in PR about the Gunning Fog index. Using this tool to measure readability.

I really don’t specifically mean that exact test only. I am just asking what level of communication we should use when communicating. John Updike or Dr. Seuss.

As for me, according to Scott this blog is a 9.02 while Media Orchard is 7.70. His blog readability measurements are interesting. In this case a lower score is better so Scott wins. On the other hand he IS a freaking professional communicator so I should get some wiggle room, right?

On to constructive thoughts that relate. I am giving the keynote (yea, go me! ok, whatever Ed….) for PRSA OKC tomorrow. The picture above was a wonderful dinner which I greatly appreciated. Now, there I was with 7 PR professionals in leadership roles so OF COURSE I brought Gunning Fogg up.

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