GoDaddy Great PR but Must They Ruin the PR with SpyWare Pop-Ups?

GodaddyisaspywarehoThis started off as a public relations and advertising success story.  It ends badly with the GoDaddy site not only using Pop-ups but spyware popups trying to infect the computers of every day users.  They should take a clue from Sony on how intelligent it is for your business to go spreading viruses.

But first the good stuff assuming the PR and/or Ad Agency doesn’t know the full story (benefit of the doubt – doubtful, but here goes).  First there is a famous quote that goes like this:

"In advertising, sex sells. But only if you’re selling sex." – Jef I. Richards. (link)

Then there is the Public Relations angle that they are probably the ONLY dot-com to get value out of their SuperBowl commercial because of the buzz it generated.  For GoDaddy, it works.  Via AdJab.

GodaddyconsideringGodaddytwologosreallytwo Godaddygoodbye

The good news is last year they were viewed on AdAge and other sites removing the opportunity to upsell or convert the buyers to being actual GoDaddy customers.

Then, after I viewed (ahem) several times I was greeted with the Pop-up at the top.  So much for a positive brand impression.  Apparently sex DOES sell public relations, and then greed reduces the value of the brand yet again.  Go figure.