AdSense Blogs Needed Response – at least that is what my Vanity Searches Suggest

Jay_jacobson_fractal_dragonVanity searches, before we called them vanity searches they were more "competitive intelligence" and "monitoring your position on the Internet".  Now they produce random results.  The faster our clients syndicate with RSS the faster our name shows up in some …er… unsavory places.


Some legit.  Some not.  I’d like to think that google can filter the rank value of inbound links to our properties and not have it affect us negatively in our rankings.  And perhaps the sucking sound of RSS feeds from our client sites into splogs may seem harmless, but I for one am glad to see Google taking action.

A new addition to the Quality Score

In August, we introduced the Quality Score along with the launch of quality-based minimum bids, letting you know that we evaluate many factors, such as your ad text and clickthrough rate (CTR) to determine the minimum bid for your keyword. Today, we started incorporating a new factor into the Quality Score — the landing page — which will look at the content and layout of the pages linked from your ads.

Why are we doing this? Simply stated, we always aim to improve our users’ experience so that these users (your potential customers) will continue to trust and value AdWords ads. Have you ever searched on a keyword, found an ad that seemed to be exactly what you wanted, and then clicked on it only to find a site that had little to do with what you were searching for? It’s not a great experience.

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