Huffington Shamed by Chronicle for Fake Blog Posts

I received this email from Rach:

The Huffington Post posted a fake blog by George Clooney. When uncovered she said,

“The medium isn’t the message. The message is the message.“

Obviously pissed off everybody. When blogging, the media IS part of the message.

Not only is the Chronicle the top blogging newspaper in the country, but they are calling bullshit on Arianna Huffington’s fake blog posting.  George Clooney?  Whatever…. I definitely like point and counter point.  Yet I am not sure having "his people" approve a post constitutes a naked conversation.

On the flip side, ghost writing is common in PR.  Or edits to the point that it might as well have been written by someone else.  Is this right?  What if Arianna is right and naked conversations are passe now that PR is aware of this thing called the blogosphere…?