Epic – the MUST See Movie for Public Relations Professionals

EpicthemovieEPIC The Movie and the EPIC Movie update 2015 from the blog (hint: EPIC = Evolving Personalised Information Construct)

This article in the guardian on EPIC includes the text of the movie EPIC which predicts the complete reshuffling of media empires.  For the complete movie, this is the latest link I found but please do double check me on the mirrors.  From the movie text:

The year is 2014, and people have access to a breadth and depth of information unimaginable in an earlier age.

Everyone contributes in some way. Everyone takes part to create a living, breathing mediascape. However, the press, as you knew it, has ceased to exist. Twentieth century news organisations are an afterthought, a lonely remnant of a not too distant past.

The road to 2014 began in the previous century. In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, a computer scientist at the Cern particle physics laboratory in Switzerland, invents the world wide web. In 1994, Amazon.com is founded. Its young creator dreams of a store that sells everything. Amazon’s model, which will set the standard for internet sales, is built on automated personalised recommendations: a store that can make suggestions.

For those in the public relations field, EPIC is a MUST view movie.  Both the 2014 and 2015 versions.