Houston stuff – Pressthink Says Chronicle Top Blogging Newspaper

Pressthink rated the Houston Chronicle the nation’s (US) top blogging newspaper!  Hats off to DwightDwightsilverman Silverman even if there isn’t a tech section in the Chronicle any more.  Really, if the Chronicle lets someone steal him away it would be a HUGE loss.

Here are the results from Pressthink via this link from Dwight’s blog.

1. Houston Chronicle (128 points)

2. Washington Post (69 points)

3. USA Today (38 points, 1 honorable mention)

4. St. Petersburg Times (29 points, 2 honorable mention)

5. Atlanta Journal-Constitution (23 points)

6. San Antonio Express-News (22 points, 1 honorable mention)

Interestingly enough I had another conversation with a Houston Chronicle reporter tonight regarding the Only in Houston movement.  I still miss the Post, yet I sure appreciate the Chronicle waking up and supporting the local community and conversation!

As a panelist for the PRSA SW District conference in Fort Worth tomorrow and Friday, I will FIND a way to mention this blogging success from the Chronicle at the conference.  Sweeeeeet!