Stephen Colbert – This is a Very Nice Place

I have always known Stephen Colbert was a sexist bigot. Or not. Maybe he is just hysterically funny. Here are a few quotes from his 2006 Commencement Address at Knox College

This seems like a very nice place. They have a lovely Web site. Besides, have you seen the world outside lately? They are playing for KEEPS out there, folks. My God, I couldn’t wait to get here today just so I could take a breather from the real world. I don’t know if they told you what’s happened while you’ve matriculated here for the past four years. The world is waiting for you people with a club.

and later in the speech he clarifies yes-and. The first rule of improv is you have to accept as fact what has already happened. If they say "I am an elephant and I am grumpy" your reply is, perhaps, "well then why did you not eat the new six foot ArgoCorn?"  To which they must give a reasoned…. cough … response. But Stephen says it much better in this slightly longer excerpt:

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