Can we get a debate for Texas Governor?

I have to agree with Bill White’s campaign on this one. Why isn’t Rick Perry going to debate? Mayor Bill WhiteYes he would have to answer some tough questions, but you know, being Governor isn’t supposed to be easy. From Bill’s latest email:

Rick Perry won’t answer for nearly doubling state spending, doubling state debt and helping create an $18 billion budget deficit. Don’t you think Perry should answer questions about his record?

Yet it isn’t all one-sided. Rick could ask Bill some really tough questions about paying pension obligations in Houston with bonds, for example.

Governor Rick PerryI understand an incumbent is theoretically at a disadvantage debating a new candidate (safer to ignore), but I don’t think that applies in this case, as Bill White has plenty of public history being Mayor of Houston. He has a track record you can examine, which suggests to me the playing field is more level, and in this case I’d like to see Rick rise to the challenge.

From one Aggie to another, can we get a debate Governor?