Cost-Per-Action Advertising for Survey Promotion?

I am reading a book on conducting surveys, so surveys are on the brain. Talking to Susan Saurage at the AAF conference last week may have contributed to my current mind set. So when I saw this post:

Google Launches ValueClick Killer
The Google AdSense team would like to invite you to test a feature that provides you with a new way to earn revenue from your website by hosting ads that are compensated based on a Cost-Per-Action [CPA] basis.

My first thought was – sure you could use that for affiliate marketing, but Cost-Per-Action would also be a great low cost way to drive completed surveys. I like the microwork concept from mturk but that is such a small subset of people. PPC for surveys is problematic because most people do NOT want to take a survey when seeking something. They want to find something at that point.
But I believe an image marketing type ad soliciting survey completion without any direct compensation to the respondent might produce a balanced result. File this under "to be tested."

The picture? That has nothing to do with this post. It is just the most ridiculous advertising I have seen lately. And a terrible brand name; how can you differentiate "nutrition on sale"? Uuuugh. Maybe they need some cost per action advertising. <grin>