Some New Voices in the Crowd

A quick shout out to three great new blogs that I read. I know these folks IRL but I definitely enjoy their voice!

  1. RachelSpeak – the coolest chick on the planet. Totally rocks. Amazing woman. All that. Love her completely. Mother of my children. And I can’t believe she has been married to me for 16 years! (ok, perhaps I am biased on the Rachel thing. But I definitely have a thing for her. Look for a post soon on 42 blue!)
  2. Galagagal – Lauren’s online voice. I have worked with Lauren for a few years now. Amazing. If direct at times. <grin> And her flickr account is growing rapidly! Try not to worry about the scary drawings on that one post.
  3. KTT – the problem with names is that if you don’t come up with one, someone else will give you one. Given there are two Katie’s at the office, well, this is the one whose last name starts with a T. Great comedic and entertaining writing. Especially since I know it is REAL! I do worry about KTT and her friends with cell-phone liquidity-problems.