Refresh Houston Presentation on CAPs and PFIF

Next Tuesday Refresh Houston will be meeting and I get to be the speaker. yea! OK, seriously, this is a more technical audience and I wanted to cover two technologies that are very important for the future. Kelsey indulged me so I wanted to review CAPs and PFIF (links below). 

Refresh Houston meeting – Are you ready for online emergency communications?  Ed Schipul talks PFIF, CAP and more on Tue 27-Jun-06 6:00 PM

Come and discuss why being pro-active in emergency communication
preparation is so vital to our community. How can we as technology
creators and advocates help before it is too late?

Protocols like CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) and PFIF (People Finder
Information Format)

enable existing sites and applications to achieve great things in
emergency response. With a little bit of planning, we can program to
these standards, as we do RSS, and enable our users to be comfortable
with and use them smoothly BEFORE a crisis hits.

What are your
ideas?  What have you been working on in this arena?  Join in this
frank discussion on how we can all pitch in and improve the lives of
millions through technology and a little forethought.

A shout out to David Guilhufe of Civic CRM who introduced me to PFIF through