The Business Makers Radio Show – Upcoming Interview

"Ain’t got time for jibba jabba.  Call 1-800-Collect." – Mr T. via Idea Grove

Last night I recorded a show with Russ Capper on entrepreneurship for The BusinessMakers Radio Show.  I do a lot of public speaking, but talks are specifically not about me.  The audience doesn’t care about you typically. If you have a message that is of value they definitely DO care about the message which is where I focus my energy when speaking.

So I found this to be a difficult interview.  Russ was specifically asking about the history of the company.  Questions I just don’t get on a daily basis, but I can see the importance of learning from others on a show about business.

I did take the opportunity to repeat something I heard from Ken Jones a while back.  The three keys to having a successful business are:

  1. Sell at a profit. You can’t sell at a loss and make it up on volume.
  2. Have a recurring revenue model.  Any sale takes too much energy to make it up the margin without some recurring revenue.
  3. Love what you do.

Katie Laird was also recorded with Kelsey for a show.  They went on right before me so it was fun to watch and learn.  Kelsey has done this a few times!