Blogometer – Staying within the boundaries of a corporate message is pure non-sense

(regarding bloggers) "Staying within the boundaries of a corporate message is pure non-sense."


“If your employees are releasing confidential information, that’s not a blogging problem. It is a more general problem. It’s called incompetence.“

and perhaps the best reality sound bite (byte?) is:

"Kick off party won’t do. Bloggers increase costs, and increase risks. You need to have a real plan in place." (via Scoble)

Two marketing ideas from the blogosphere

Concepts from the echo chamber.

The first idea is from a post linked from HorsePigCow and relates to using images to test for human versus bot posting.  Basically, you can use this concept to combat comment spam or similar.  If you run a lot of web sites like we do, you feel my pain and can see the potential! world

The second is this post on "piggy back marketing" discussing basically commenting on every blog post a competitor has.

I guess that when you don’t have a real marketing team or budget, you just piggyback on other’s efforts. 

Via Rubel: PR Newswire has launched a podcasting service.  I feel so "mains tream"