Houston NetRefreshBarSquaredCamp Roundup

This is a geek specific post. That is my audience for just this post. If it doesn’t make sense please just skip to the next one.

In my post to answer the four questions on the NetSquared site I stated that language was one of the obstacles. That we use too many funky words. And this post is proof.

Geekdom aside, here are a few relevant links on what the folks back in Houston are doing.

And I am sure that Marc contributed based on the email threads. Trouble maker that one.

Of course a special thanks to Katie for covering me while I was off playing working at the AAF conference.

The picture with this post? Absolutely nothing to do with NetRefreshBarSquaredCamp. It is Hans Haacke Blue Sail from SF MOMA. I took the SF MOMA pictures yesterday so I was thinking about it. Nice eye candy.