until that day comes, there will be gridlock and dysfunction

“In their new book, “Millennial Momentum,” they explain how the millennial generation (born from 1982 to 2003) will remake America in education, politics, entertainment and every other conceivable endeavor. There will be more compromise, they predict, and more tolerance for different points of view…. But until that day comes, there will be gridlock and dysfunction. And our government will stay broken” – CNN


Chron Post: Millennials head under a rock

The Chron.com started a new blog called The List and asked me to guest blog post. My first (and only) post so far is titled:

old-glory-by-eschipul1Chron Post: Millennials head under a rock

The GI generation, by all accounts, appears to have raised one of the biggest groups of spoiled kids our country has ever seen. The Baby Boomers. And the Boomers are burying the Millennial generation and their grandkids in debt and chaos. Pretending deficit spending isn’t just a deferred tax increase (it is). And that seems wrong to this Gen X’er..

In the book GENERATIONS, The History of America’s Future, the authors describe the Boomers as:

The Boomers, who came to college after Eisenhower and before the Carter malaise of 1979. These were the babies of optimism and hubris, Beaver Cleaver and Musketeers, the post-Sputnik high school kids whose SAT scores declined for seventeen straight years, student strikers, flower-child hippies and draft resisters. – pg 30

(read the full post on Millennials and the Baby Boomers on Chron.com here.)

Quotable Futurist – Perhaps Baby Boomers Don’t Need Technology in the Future

PeterbishopI recently attended a presentation at IABC Houston by Dr. Peter Bishop, Houston’s resident futurist.  Some great quotes below, and then perhaps some constructive feedback and questions.

Riding the Future’s Waves of Creative Destruction
Dr. Peter C. Bishop Futurist, and Associate Professor in the College of Technology and Coordinator of the graduate program in Futures Studies
University of Houston

The Dr. Bishop is very quotable dropping a few lines on the future such as:

“What goes away (in the future) is the traditional job. “¦ if you are not using judgment and value adds then I can tell a machine to do that job.“

“The very thing you think you have the least control over, what happens 15 years out, is what you have the most control over.“

“When an era ends we will be in a world of confusion and risk. “¦ When the first person realizes they are in a new era they have a significant advantage.“

“Communication (in the future) is instantaneous and simultaneous.  If you are not instantaneous then you’re not there yet.  If your information is not simultaneously available to everyone then you’re not there yet.“

More quotes on the future here.

I had a presentation at 2:00 so had to leave the IABC luncheon quickly.  So we were not able to spend much time with Bishop after the presentation, but looking for a moment of bonding I asked briefly if he used bloglines.  "No time" was the response.  I protested that lack of time is the reason to USE tools that improve your consumption and filtering of information.  "For a futurist, I don’t use the computer much." was the follow up response. Baroo?

Note I am not protesting someone using alternate tools, Mac vs PC, Linux vs Unix, Photoshop vs Gimp, rather I am questioning an apparent unwillingness to look at tools of the future now.

"The future is already here – it’s just unevenly distributed." – William Gibson

So basically our baby-boomer futurist doesn’t keep up on communication technology.  I truly believe you can have great Doctors who aren’t tech savvy in the geek way.  But a freakin’ futurist?  This is just lack of discipline.  Perhaps a lack of respect for the craft of "futurism"?  Perhaps most damning is that by his own choice his communication inbound and outbound is not instantaneous and simultaneous. 

Maybe I’m wrong and I’ll get a Bishop trackback telling me I am nuts and got it all wrong.  I hope so for the sake of the future!