We have lost the “why”

“I believe the greatest threat to our country is that we have not passed down what it means to be an American.” “We have lost the “why”. The greatest generation did not teach my generation what Americanism is.”

“We believe in quality of birth but not in equality of result.”

“They are preoccupied in Europe with how much time off! Where will they vacation. When will they retire. These are selfish questions. These are not altruistic questions. The goodness that America created is jeopardized by our not knowing what we stand for. That’s our greatest threat. We are our problem.”

Dennis Prager

Global Teen Culture Trends – Wired, Worldview, Global, Branded

You can blame my high school calculus teacher for making me read MegaTrends.  Via Chief Marketer:

Abercrombie_lifestyle_marketingSix Seismic Shifts in Global Teen Culture
By Chip Walker

1) Being wired: from an elite to a mainstream phenomenon
2) Worldview: from optimism to a great uneasiness
3) Success: from entitlement to self-activism
4) The new vanguard of cool: from “USA teens“ to “creatives“
5) Global brand leaders: from American brands to world brands
6) Brands: from brand status symbols to brand apathy

The image is of course from the great Abercrombie because we all want to be skinny half naked people.  Or something like that…

Also note that the Intelligence Group just released their latest Cassandra Report on youth trends.