I Have No Such Aspirations, but YOU can be A-List

11757atrium_1While I have no desire to be a-list, in a recent post called "the A-List is nonsense", Jason points out some very interesting statistics:

The fact
is the top 100 blogs represent < .01% of the traffic in the entire blogosphere… in what other medium do the top
100 artists account for the minority of the work??!?! Chris… any ideas

The "any ideas" link goes to The Long Tail Blog of course.  And it continues:

Anyone can break into the "blogging A-list" in about six to 12 months if they a) blog
every day and b) have something intelligent to add to the conversation.

The picture?  Nothing to do with this post.  It is a picture of the atrium from our new offices looking down.  Cool!  What you don’t see in the picture is the giant sign in our reception area that says "Thank You!" to our clients for allowing us to move into our new digs.