My OSCON 2013 5 minute IGNITE talk.

I do quite a bit of speaking on topics relating to new technology and human persuasion. Mostly to groups in the fields of Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising. My CV with publications and a few speaking engagements is on the company site: Ed Schipul CV.

A few videos of my speaking are available to get a feel for my speaking style. And below is a video with a few of my thoughts on The Personal Brand Era.

A few testimonials from past speaking events:

“Ed Schipul’s presentation on “Personal Brands: Opportunities & Threats” at the PRSA T3PR 2010 Conference came from experience and from the heart. For me, it wasn’t “just another personal branding presentation.” Ed Schipul delivers a powerful personal branding message injected with humor to keep an audience entertained the whole way through. He motivates, offers useful information and guides you on how to capitalize on personal brands within your organization.” – Deirdre Breakenridge, noted author, speaker and organizer of T3PR 2010

“Ed was a compelling, engaging and entertaining speaker. He managed to connect the dots between grass roots communications tactics from the early 1900s to modern-day campaigns that share similar challenges (and, surprisingly, executional tactics). He also discussed technology in a way that everyone, from newbies to pros, could relate to. We had our largest regular meeting turnout, which was a testament to the subject matter and Ed’s thorough command of it.”
Brandon Uttley, PRSA Charlotte President (2009)

“Ed S. was GREAT!!! Like really great. Such a good (PRSA East Lansing) professional development seminar. Congratulations to all who came up with the idea and inviting Ed. I learned a lot, despite feeling inadequate when I left. His presentation was excellent, very useful; and his willingness to answer questions, connect with people was super. Oh, for more speakers like him!”
Jane Baker DePriest, DePriest Enterprises

“Ed Schipul spoke to the tourism and hospitality members of the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau about emerging technologies. His presentation was insightful and provided our members with specific tactics on how to enter the world of blogs in a meaningful way. Not only was the presentation filled with valuable information, but Ed’s humor kept the audience engaged. Our members walked away with a new understanding of the importance of blogging and other online technologies available to them.”
Rachel Pearson, Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau

An example slide deck from speaking in Aspen Colorado in 2010.

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