Photography was always just a “thing” for me like many other “things” in the world. Not something I was particularly passionate about.

And then I was wandering away from a group of friends at a winery outside of San Diego and this kid was kicking a futbol in the vineyard. My point-and-shoot, a Nikon S1 at the time, captured the image on March 6, 2006. I was in Cali for eTech 2006 and I heard about this site called flickr.

running with the seagulls by eschipul

Turns out the flickr community was pretty cool. And I thought I signed up for a web site, not a community! Yet people like Jeff Balke, Cybertoad, ChristineBPC, slight clutter, laanba, darkhairedgirl, jonmatthew, deneyterrio,   gwendolyn, tetheredto, jamiefarquhar, notsouh, inspired and helped me learn.   I remember in particular Jeff sending me a two page email on how to adjust the camera to take a photo in low light. Two pages. From a guy I barely knew. Wow. These were some good people!

I’ve had some successes and a few photos in photography shows. I’ll link those later. For now my photography can be see online at:

  1. eschipul on flickr
  2. eschipul on picasa
  3. photos on facebook
  4. wikimedia commons

The official version of me is of course available on my CV on And you should follow me on twitter here.

7th Avenue
New York City

sky scrapers
Somewhere Over Arizona

Orange Line @ eTech 2007
San Diego

New Mexico

Chicago Times Square
Times Square


Brighton, UK