SchipulCon in two days – Oct 45, 16, 2009 at the Houston Zoo

What started in 2007 as the Tendenci User Conference, was canceled in 2008 due to a very unwelcome hurricane, has now morphed into SchipulCon 2009. Planned by @MagsMac, the conference has a great lineup of speakers including Deirdre Breakenridge, the author of PR 2.0.

The full SchipulCon 2009 Agenda is posted on the site. And registration is here.

And of course a HUGE thanks to our sponsors without which this would not be happening!

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Bright Sky Press Coffeegroundz St. Arnold's Brewery
Mashable OneShot Tequila Web Entertainment Guide
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Mom2Summit Feb 19-21 2009 in Houston Texas

So all of this time I have actually liked Gwen Bell. And THEN I find out her panel is at the exact same time as my panel at the Mom2Summit in Houston Texas! Check the Saturday morning agenda. Oh ya, Gwen’s treachery is all there in black and white. Same bat time, competing bat channel at 9:30 AM. So now I must swear a blood oath to be Gwen’s mortal enemy!!!

mom2summit-2009Moving right along, the Mom2Summit isn’t just for moms. It is a conversation between women and marketers. From the site:

The Mom 2.0 Summit is a place for marketers, bloggers, and mompreneurs to get to know one another. A place to connect, converse, and build relationships. This year’s Summit discussions will focus on social media, marketing, networks, and brand building. We will explore what those relationships mean and how we all contribute to social media.

I am very excited about moderating the panel with

  1. Kirsten Chase (Motherhood Uncensored, Cool Mom Picks)
  2. Jordan Ferney (Oh Happy Day)
  3. Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess, Good Mom, Bad Mom)

Initially I declined to be on the panel because it was recommended by Katie, who is a little crazy, Maggie who is a little cheesy, and it has Jenny on the panel, who is a LOT crazy. Throw in Laura and Monica as two of the organizers and well it could get dangerous for a guy. But I’m brave. Plus I have a score to settle with a certain blogger competing for my time slot….

I hope to see y’all next week at the Mom 2 Summit!

UPDATE: Had an awesome pre conference call with Kirsten, Jordan and Jenny with the help of Katie. Really think this panel is going to have a lot of value for our attendees. So go register!

UPDATE UPDATE: Um…. I completely think @gwenbell rocks!

Prediction: Ad Agencies will be Purchased by Web Marketing Firms

Ad agencies will be purchased by web marketing companies in the future.

Starting now. Position yourself for this.

Why? Well we know in a recession that advertising budgets and public relations budgets get slashed. Drastically reduced. From big ad budgets to nada asap.  Staples is one obvious example of cuts:

From the looks of things at Staples, the recession is upon us.


So, the Framingham retailer is trimming costs everywhere it can, reducing advertising, delaying new hires and renovations, curtailing employee travel, and saving gas with devices that limit the maximum speed of its delivery trucks.

See that first item on the list? Ya, that one? It is *advertising*.

Advertising is almost always the first thing to get slashed in a recession. You CAN live without advertising in hibernation mode. Should you cut your advertising budgets? Well, let’s ask those in the business of advertising. The magic-eight-ball says about cutting advertising budgets in a recession.

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Dave Beck Article in

Self promotion alert: Dave Beck used an interview with me in his article in today’s article. From the article on web marketing:

Dave Beck: Web sites: Keep users in mind

…The Web site wasn’t the most pleasing to the eye, nor was it the most
sophisticated. But it worked. They got my business.

According to Web marketing expert Ed Schipul, owner of Houston-based Schipul
“” The Web Marketing Co
., there’s an important lesson to be learned here. Web
searchers and users functionally respond like introverts, concentrating on
themselves and what they need to buy.

"It’s not that information seekers are self-focused all the time, but rather
that while on the Web, users are on a mission," said Schipul, whose company has
designed sites for hundreds of businesses in energy, medical, industrial, arts
and entertainment, and education fields.

Emphasis added. Now, I don’t recall saying exactly that good web marketing could not be aesthetically pleasing, it is just that the aesthetics need to be secondary to functional results. Results are good.

Thanks Dave for the emails and phone calls regarding the article!

What’s Best for Web Analytics? – Article in CIO

Blatant self promotion warning. CIO today web ran an article with a few quotes from me in it. I think the author, Jennifer LeClaire did a good job of being balanced in her approach on a fairly technical subject.

What’s Best for Web Analytics: Client, Server or Hosted?
By Jennifer LeClaire, March 20, 2007 11:59AM

… The Web analytics industry is moving from visits and pageviews to analytics
that reflect more about what people are paying attention to, according to Ed
Schipul, CEO of the Houston-based Schipul Web marketing company that created
Tendenci — a hosted application designed for management associations.

Schipul says companies need to record "events" that reflect actions. It may
be, for example, that a visitor to your site first clicks to watch a video, then
reads more about the product, and then finally makes contact. All of those
activities may occur on the same page. Enterprise-grade server-side solutions
can offer critical insights. (continued…)

I definitely recommend the full article if you are interested in web analytics options.

New Hire Training – Read These First

I get to run a small company. Really we have some brilliant people so I am coach and cheerleader but they really run the show. While definitely not as cool as Google, we have a really good thing going. And I get asked a lot how we hire. So I wanted to take a moment to comment on that. Our philosophy is

“Set a clear vision. Hire good people based on integrity, attitude and
intelligence. Train the heck out of them. Let them run.“

Lots of things trip folks up in the interview process. No conspiracy. Just, to be blunt, laziness at times. Examples?

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Best Article on Personas I have been able to find

Continued reading on conversion design, persuasion, psychology and user interface design. Usability for everyone is another way to say it. It must work for the visitor as well as for the site community itself. Either everyone wins or nobody does – cliche or not.

To that end in the software world a common theme is the use of personas. The article below is the best article I have been able to find on the use of personas available on the web anyway.

Personas: Setting the Stage for Building Usable Information Sites by Alison J. Head

Personas are hypothetical archetypes, or "stand-ins" for
actual users that drive the decision making
for interface design projects. …

Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? – A BestSeller

WaitingforyourcattobarkeisenbergCongratulations to Bryan and Jeff Eisenberg and the whole team at Future Now Inc. Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? is on the best seller list. WHOOOOOOOP! 

And the blatant promotion continues  …given they are a client. And IABC is a client. So I must point out that the Eisenberg barking cat road show hits Houston in July. If you talk to them, be sure not to mention that it is HOT in Houston in Jully. We want it to be a surprise.

Here is the information on the upcoming presentation:

Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing

Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg Co-founders

Future Now, Inc.

Thu 27-Jul-06 11:15 AM to Thu 27-Jul-06 1:00 PM

Dallas AMA Web Marketing PPT slides are Posted

Horsesirvingtexas The Web Marketing PPTs for Web Marketing Made Simple ““ Maximizing Your Online ROI are posted on our main site for download here:

  1. Download ‘Web Marketing 101’ AMA Presentation
  2. Download ‘Blogs, RSS and More’ AMA Presentation
  3. Download ‘Why You Care About Online Growth’ Handout

A lot of this content still comes from the original Web Marketing Fundamentals article and it still has legs.  The web marketing message still resonates and many sites still don’t focus on creating a strong compelling marketing headline!

Marketingbudgetpiechart_1 The Marketing Budget Survey results pie chart with data from 2004 is interesting. Used in one of the opening slides for the AMA presentation, the goal was to emphasize the importance of a balanced approach.  We are pretty good at online marketing, yet we still do internal and external PR and sponsor advertising radio shows at times.  Marketing balance is good.

Upcoming Public Speaking on Web Marketing

HoustontechnologycenterUpcoming public speaking stuff.  On January 13th I will be on a panel with home town favorite the Houston Technology Center (disclosure: HTC is a long time client of ours and uses Tendenci too!)

Capitalizing on Internet Marketing
Friday, January 13, 7:00 ““ 9:00 a.m. CST

The panel and moderators are:

Moderator: Steve Latham, Founder and CEO, Spur Digital
Panelist: Ed Schipul, CEO, Schipul – The Web Marketing Company (me!)
Panelist: Tena Andrus, Managing Director, Idea Integration
Panelist: Kelsey Ruger, Director, Technology and Web Operations, WebXites and his blog

Panel Web Marketing Topics are:

  1. Strategy and a road map for implementing internet marketing
  2. Search engine marketing
  3. Email marketing
  4. Web Statistics and analytics