Kiptronic Podcasting Representation?

Someone just linked me Kiptronic along with a question. Apparently Kiptronic handles podcast advertising. This matters because most talent for podcasts isn’t really all that focused on selling ad space. And if they do sell advertising, who is going to do the production of the "bumpers" at the front and/or back of the show? Hence the need for a third party to handle advertising.

I do like the stated policies via faq which seem fair to the content producers.

2. Do I have to give up any ownership rights to my podcast, or sign a long-term contract?

  Never. Ever.

Please note, I have not had any experience directly or through a client with these folks. If anyone has had any experience with Kiptronic or can recommend a better podcast monetization strategy (without selling your soul) please DO let me know. I have a client asking about it.

KPFT 90.1 Interview on OnlyInHouston Creative Community

Kpft901 KPFT in Houston ran a show on Only in Houston.  Courtesy of Natalie J., producer and host, Night Train, KPFT 90.1 FM OiH has their first podcast.

You read the article here:  (see attached MP3 file for download)  Or for *real* podcasting, use this RSS URL with enclosures to add to iTunes or your podcast tool of choice.

It is also worth mentioning that OiH has a complete list of communication events in Houston Texas including PRSA, IABC, HAF and OiH for the next six months.