that’s true for many collectors

Redden tells a story of a young Malcolm Forbes traveling on an ocean liner with his family to Scotland. He put his favorite toy boat on a long string and put it down into the turbulent ocean to sail behind the huge liner.

“And needless to say,” says Redden, “the boat was never seen again, and he was devastated. So, there really is a Rosebud sense to all of this; he was trying to bring back that lost toy of his childhood.”

And that’s true for many collectors. (source)

Visit to Graceland 2005 – Memphis Tennessee

Elvisgrave This has nothing to do with Public Relations, Software or Technology.  But it is cool in a "am I really that cheesy?" type of way.  I finally visited Elvis’ Graceland in Memphis (see previous post).  Graceland was not on my list.  Sort of like Vegas isn’t on my list – I am not a gambler so I just don’t see the appeal.  But I was there in Memphis, and I definitely make an A+ tacky tourist when given the opportunity.  In fact, I am typing this in a XXL black Elvis shirt.  Even the buttons have the king on them. You gotta love it.

I purchased a great Elvis clock for the front entry for the office where little Elvis gets his groove on with each tick of the clock.  Basically, if you can’t visit Warhol’s factory, Graceland is next.  Or am I missing something?

Anyway, please enjoy these pictures from Graceland in Memphis Tennessee.  And remember – they don’t allow flash so some of the pictures in the darker rooms like the Jungle room aren’t quite focused because of the long shutter time.