About Ed Schipul:

One lucky guy with a beautiful wife, three kids, a dog, and some ungrateful fish.

More? Really? Nobody reads these things, but ok….

Ed Schipul works at Schipul – The Web Marketing Company (www.schipul.com) located interestingly enough in Houston Texas (long, but short story). Schipul has now been renamed to Tendenci – The Open Source AMS.

We are the developers of the Tendenci software for associations which is also used by many businesses. The goal is to make friendly software for large groups to succeed in the online world. As a result of our location I earn a bunch of frequent flyer miles flying to the West Cost, NYC and DC areas to meet with clients.

Most of my published writing is mixed in with other articles on our main site here. This blog is interesting stuff that isn’t quite as structured. Plus I get to stretch into areas like visualization and public relations that are very interesting to me personally but are not items sold by the team at Schipul.

Also on Flickr. And on Twitter.

I have been married for over 25 years. And my wife and kids have learned to put up with my “book problem” as well as the whole business thing. Basically I am a pretty lucky guy!

OK, if you want the “official CV version of Ed Schipul” it’s also available.