Insurrection of the Feeble Minded – Jan 6, 2021

Having studied political science, despite working primarily in technology, the events of recent years have been disconcerting. Instead of “tyranny of the majority” the US has suffered under a cyclical stasis of ineffective elitist and then populist leadership. Neither has been able to advance an agenda beyond the wishes of K street or hand outs.

What we have instead is rigamortis of the American theorem, reverting it back to a hypothesis as evidenced by the “insurrection of the feeble minded” on January 6, 2021.

Why is the cry of “no justice, no peace” so easily replaced with “no manifest destiny, no country”? Would we not need to invade Canada and Mexico to “make America great again”?

Corey Robin:

Second (or third or fourth) chances for humans in life

### DRAFT ###

There is a common saying when talking about others that goes:

Fool me once; shame on you.

Fool me twice; shame on me.

I can’t say I disagree with the “shame on me quote.” Yet we must acknowledge that we are giving up on that person. We are accepting as fact another common saying,

“Leopards don’t change their spots.”

There are truly courageous ones who once in a blue moon can see past the flaws and push someone towards an alternate positive future. Against all odds. Like this judge:

Most failures, Morrow said, are because people who need help never get it, adding, “There’s no such thing in my mind as a self-made person.”


A judge gave a drug dealer a second chance. Sixteen years later, he swore him in as a lawyer.

The road is hard and can theoretically be navigated alone. That approach usually fails. In my experience it just doesn’t work like that. Yes you have to do your absolute damnedest to pull yourself up. But 99% of the time that just isn’t enough.

Self help is selfish. Tribe help, with accountability, is priceless.