Post pandemic life choices

The cistern on Buffalo bayou

As we create our post pandemic life and culture, it is a time for affirmation and/or punctuation and/or disruption:

The article finishes with:

“In his “Poetry of Departures,” the English poet Philip Larkin wrote about a man who walked away from a life he disliked.
Sometimes you hear, fifth-hand,

As epitaph:

He chucked up everything

And just cleared off,

And always the voice will sound

Certain you approve

This audaciousness, purifying,

Elemental move.

This fearless adventurer doesn’t have to be someone you hear about fifth-hand—or even secondhand, as in the case of my friend. You have a choice…”

The cistern on Buffalo bayou

COVID in India

COVID isn’t over. Now especially India, the country that manufactures many of the vaccines Americans have received, it’s just tragic.

Just as the former administration in the US underestimated COVID, similarly the worlds largest democracy (India) is facing major challenges. Major tragedies.

If America is great we should rise to not just save ourselves, we should rise to the occasion and fight for all of humanity.

That’s when we were great. When we believed in people. In humans as equals.

So far the jury is out in my mind on if the current administration is doing everything in its power to help. I only see more politics. One can only hope…. and vote.