Women’s March 2020

On Election Day in 2016 I was living in San Francisco. We were watching the election results come in with my friends at COVO on Mission Street. I was working on a startup and these amazing people welcomed me in.

Quite frankly everyone was in shock that a TV reality show star who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth was elected. I certainly was shocked.

But being a BS Political Science Major I had hope that the man who would occupy the office of the President would rise to the occasion. After all, no one person can be President. You have to surround yourself with good people and listen to them.

When 9-11 happened many wondered if George W would be able to unite us in recovery.

And he did. Damnit.

He rose to the office of the presidency.

Fast forward to 2016: Still I felt shocked and terrified that the electoral college and both political parties had failed us in 2016.

In January after the 2016 election I both marched with the Women’s March and photographed it.

It was peaceful but strong. A clear example of our nation’s long history of peaceful and strong protests.

Women’s March, January 2017, San Francisco, CA credit: Ed Schipul

Growing up the son of a Father who was first a Marine, then Army, he served in Vietnam as a Medic. Then got out, went to Medical School and re-upped this time as a Major.

Retired honorably and decorated as an LTC. Buried at Ft. Sam National Cemetery.

Further, my Mother served as an officer in the Army Reserves retiring honorably as a Major. So yes, my “Mom wore combat boots.” And was a qualified marksman like my Dad. I’m proud as heck of them both!

Next… back to our story…

Women’s March, January 2017, San Francisco, CA credit: Ed Schipul

There I was in SF trying to raise funds for a robotics startup. And randomly this uninformed TV guy who shares no values at all with the Midwest or Christians of any kind, is talking about “walls” and a “Muslim ban”?!

And people were buying it.

Baroo! Has he ever been to the Bay Area? Or south Texas? Y’all know ranches cross the border, right?

I simply couldn’t imagine a draft-dodger who completely lacked discipline being our Commander in Chief. Because it’s kind of a big deal.

Women’s March, January 2017, San Francisco, CA credit: Ed Schipul

As I’ve said many times, I have *not* served in the military.

We had our kids young and the economics weren’t there. Absolutely I registered with selective service in case the country needed me. But at the end of the day – I have not been shot at in the context of war in a foreign land. (Only at a college party in SA. Oh the irony. No bullet holes – because I run fast? I dunno. Lucky I guess. And stupid for being there.)

Women’s March, January 2017, San Francisco, CA credit: Ed Schipul

I remember talking at length with one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever worked with, and saying.

“It’s the women. The women are going to have to save us. It’s not fair to dump that on y’all. But I can’t see any other way out of this mess.”

Women’s March, January 2017, San Francisco, CA credit: Ed Schipul

At the time I still had hope President Trump would grow into the job, surround himself with good people and listen to them. And I prayed he had the wisdom and knowledge to make wise decisions based on what must be an overwhelmingly complex job.

I felt the same way about President Obama. After all, he wasn’t exactly experienced in the world stage. McCain probably would have gotten my vote. Then “Palin” happened and it was an immediate observation that he was surrounding himself with the wrong people. John McCain was an amazing statesman and a hero in my book. But Palin being one heartbeat away…. I just couldn’t do it.

So here we are.

I for one, knowing the demographics, the actuarial tables, the generational trends (most of which I view as healthy), am hopeful.

I am hopeful for America, the United States of America, primarily because of the women who are rising to power.

This, the rise of women in power, is no threat to me; it is hope. Hope for the country I love.