H4CK3D: Why my web site? What now?

Your web site will be hacked. It is inevitable. It’s not a technology problem, it’s a people problem. Wetware is the weakest link and it is us.

H4CK3D: Why my web site? What now?

Motivations and mitigations when your site gets owned, because there is no true prevention. And if the OPM, Chase, Target, Ashley Madison and many more have fallen, then you will too. It is no longer sufficient to consider perimeter defenses. Your only consideration is to understand why you were attacked and how to limit, but not prevent, damages.

Questions to consider for SXSW Panel, or no panel, as regardless this is a topic worth of discussion.

Why did someone bother to hack my site in particular?

Is this a vendetta?

How can I prevent this in the future? (hint: you can’t, but let’s talk)