SXSW V2V – Proprietary to Open Source: Giving Away $6M is Harder Than You Think

My presentation slides from speaking at SXSW V2V in Las Vegas this week. The official description is below and they are producing a video so I’ll either update this post or add the video as well.

Proprietary to Open Source: Giving Away $6M is Harder Than You Think

After 15 years running a successful business, Ed Schipul released the source code for his proprietary software, Tendenci, to the world. Foreseeing the impact the cloud, mobile, and GIS, Ed knew he had to change his business model or become irrelevant. Open source was the path to future sustainability and innovation.

There were however, seemingly insurmountable challenges. Tendenci 5, the first open source CMS platform for nonprofit organizations, had to be completely rewritten from .Net, ASP and SQL to Python, Django and PostgreSQL. From Github to cloud software, he had to choose all the tools to put in place to support his rewritten product and new architecture.

Lessons learned from the transition include the importance of testing and how to make your application’s architecture more scalable as well as what open source tools have proved to be most valuable. Ed will share his reasons for thinking that all of this is the best choice for both the product and the development community.

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